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Hello everybody,

My name is Bogdan Copil, I am from Romania, living in the Czech Republic and a real globetrotter.

me-camp-profilI am passionate about learning, people and growth. My mission is to help other people to take ownership of their own learning and transpose it into clear results – a life of well-being and health, freedom, happiness, passion.

As a former teacher and learning enthusiast, I am working with people helping them take control of their own learning, identify personal learning objectives, set plans in motion and actively design their own life journey!

As an international trainer, I am often travelling all over the world, teaching people how to use online platforms to increase their productivity and helping teachers improve their teaching methods leveraging the power of Google Apps.

As a chemist, I was always interested in the Chemistry of life – how different molecules can affect our bodies – both in a constructive or destructive way. When I discovered the essential oils back in 2014 I was first curious, then intrigued, then amazed by their properties and effects. Shortly after I started reading more and more scientific research papers on the uses of essential oils – in medicine, perfumery, cosmetics, spirituality and so on.
Gradually my interest grew beyond the pragmatical, scientific approach – I have discovered a whole lifestyle based on the Young Living essential oils – Wellness, Purpose and Abundance can be found given the correct mindset.

I am interested in supporting your growth, helping you tailor your own learning process so that you can achieve your optimum potential. I would be more than happy to work with you!