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Look, let’s face it. Wherever we turn our eyes around, we see the word HUSTLE !
I strongly believe in the idea of “seasons” in our day to day activity, business, jobs, creative endeavors… you name it!

I see these “seasons” in the exact same way that farmers do. My grandparents were farmers and I’ve learned a LOT from them.

View from my grandparents' garden
View from my grandparents’ garden

What happens on the farm… stays on the farm?

  • During spring, farmers need to plan ahead. Choose the best seeds – based on availability, your needs, your neighbors needs, or the market trends. This is also a time for getting the soil ready for planting – plowing, fertilizing etc. Newborn animals and their mothers need to be given extra care, until they can be on their own in the pasture or barn. This is also a good time to clean the barns and keep things organized for the coming summer!
  • Summer is one of the most intense seasons on the farm! While we’re used to going to nice holidays and relaxing over the summer, life on the farm only gets busier! Keeping crops free from pests, weeding, taking care of the animals – it all piles up and the working days are long!
  • Autumn brings cooler weather and bountiful crops. Many grains and fruits are harvested during the autumn. Also, the animals are getting ready for the winter, so you need to provide them with extra feed to help them stay warm in the coming cold season. Also, you might decide to share/exchange some of your harvest with others, and also keep seeds for the next year!
  • During winter there still is work to be done on the farm – the animals on the farm still depend on the farmer for food, cleaning etc. But, at the same time, winter is also a season of spending more time indoors. You have more time and pace to rest. To reflect on the past year and make plans for the next season!

Wait… what’s this got to do with hustle?

Or, what’s this got to do with business building? Or launching a new project? Well, If you think about it, you can go through the same “seasons” like on the farm!  

  • Any project/business needs to start at the “idea phase”. A seed you choose to plant, take care of and grow it into something big. Just like farmers do during Spring. During my “Spring” seasons, I spend quite a lot of time selecting the ideas (or seeds) I want to focus on in the next period. I try to match them with my existing resources, or, identify the resources I lack in order to help them grow. I plan my next steps. I decide where my focus goes in the next period.
  • My “Summer” is my season of hustle! A period in which I’m going all in! Focused, concerted action on supporting the growth of the young projects I start. No excuses, no distractions!
  • “Autumn” is all about starting to reap the rewards of my previous actions. But it’s also about reinvesting resources I’ve gained in the meantime. Either in growing that business/project/idea further, or into personal development. Just as well, it’s about setting aside the capital needed for future endeavors!
  • “Winter”… the time of reflection and rest. For me, this is crucial, as I do not believe in constant hustle, constant work. This would not allow our bodies to recharge and our minds to create.

Now, the good part about all these seasons talk… while on the farm you are restricted by the actual seasons – due to the weather – when it comes to your business/projects, this is not the case. You decide when your season of hustle starts. And how long it lasts.  Just as well, you can be in different seasons with different projects! Right now, I’m in my season of hustle – my summer – with my The Wellnessence project. At the same time, I’m in my winter season with my Edtech Coach project. Slowing down, looking back, thinking about what worked, what hasn’t and what I can do to make it grow even bigger!

How about you? What’s your take on hustle and seasons?