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Learning objectives are wonderful – they can motivate you towards reaching your goal. More than that, a well-designed learning objective will ease your planning activities and turn monitoring and evaluation into a walk in the park. When I have a top priority learning objective, I try to put the graphical representation of the goal in a strategic spot – so it’s in my face wherever I spend most of my time (talking about arranging your environment so that it keeps you on track).

One of my primary objectives for this period is focusing on Social Media. I’ve called it Social Media Savy – and it represents a set of skills that would allow me to use Social Media in a better way. I’ve designed this objective back in December, and I am still working on it :).

Here is the graphical representation and the breakdown of its elements:

Social Media Savy

– the black icons are the Soal Media channels I currently use (or the ones I was using when I started working on this objective) – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube
– the four green icons represent the four networks I was planning to use (in the meantime I became a huge fan of Periscope!)
– the three orange empty boxes at the top represent new Social Media Channels that I want to explore (Snapchat is growing on me already)
– under all these Social Media channels, at the bottom of my “light bulb”, I have three green icons for the automatisation platforms (and in the meantime I’ve added the 4th one)
– When all of these items find their rightful place in my social media strategy (or disappear from it, if needed), the synergetic effect will “power” my Social Media Savy “light bulb” and lead my way through the dark, uncharted world of Social Media.

How do you work with your learning goals?

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