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So I was rearranging books on my bookshelf…

… And as usual, I was meditating on ideas popping in my mind.
As it happens, you stumble upon a book you had there for years, but you never actually read. And something triggers your interest and you pick it up. And once you read it, you just… resonate with the content.

Has this ever happened to you?

Damn Good Advice - George Lois
Damn Good Advice – George Lois

The book that caught my attention this time is called Damn Good advice (for people with talent!) by George Lois. I bought it years ago, but never touched it until now. 
The 15th advice totally resonated with my current status. It goes like this:

Creativity is not created, it is there for us to find – it is an act of discovery. 

Sounds mystical, perhaps,but after doing the requisite homework to understand a product, its competitors etc., ideas in advertising are ignited by the sparks and sounds of an understanding of 7000 years of the history of mankind. Plato defined “Idea” (eidos) as a mental image. I don’t create that mental image in my head. I somehow see it in my mind’s eye, floating by me, and I reach out an grab it. So if you’re trying to achieve greatness in !any! industry, go out into the world and sail the ocean blue and live a life of discovery!

I really like this idea! The creative process, the ideas, the inspiration is not something that you necessarily create in your mind, but it’s something you open your mind towards. Things and ideas float around you and you just go and grab them.

WHEN you’re ready, when you made space for those ideas or things in your mind and in your life!

Wow. Powerful stuff, right? I immediately went one step further and associated this idea with what I was mentioning at the beginning of this video – those books you have on your book shelf for years and you just get to read them at the “right” time! When you’re ready for them – for their message. When the content of the book is in line with what’s happening in our life. We read the book and we realize we totally resonate with it! 

And my mind went to a quote from Bob Proctor: “If you read a book the 2nd time, you don’t see something in it you didn’t see before, you see something in yourself that wasn’t there before!”.

Now, this happened to me countless times: to read a book or a fragment a second, third, fourth time – and understand it completely differently. I mean, the text is exactly the same, nothing changed, but your past experiences help you understand it from a new perspective. I like to think about this as awareness – you are more aware of what’s happening around you, you can connect more dots with the content of the book.

And my line of thought did not stop here. I went on, asking myself – when are things happening? Be it at our job, in our business, our career, our family etc. 

In most cases, things happen or fall into place when we are ready for them! When we create space for them. When we allow them to take shape in our lives. 

My best example for this is my story with the essential oils I’m using. I always get this question from people: How did  you start? How did you choose this brand? Why are you working with Young Living essential oils? 

Looking back, I can say I didn’t really choose the oils to start with. It was more of they chose me :)). It was one of those cases when you keep seeing signs. You keep bumping into the same thing over and over again, in various places, apparently with no connection between them.
The oils somehow seemed to be circling around me.
And at some point, I said Ok, let me give it a try! Got my Premium Starter Kit, started playing with them, fell in love with them – and the rest is history. Many things in my life changed to the better!

Now, I am associating that with what I was saying about books – when you read a book a second, a third, a fourth time and you resonate with the content in a different way for each reading… it’s due to you having more awareness.
I simply became more aware when it comes to what essential oils are and what they can do. To just how important the quality of an oil is. To some of the research out there. And then things just fell in the right place. I made space for them in my life!

Once again, I strongly believe that things happen when you actually make room for them in your life, when you have that awareness and that open mind to “grab” the creative ideas or, in some cases, to develop the skills you need for that project/job/business/idea. 

Do not underestimate your personal development. The more skilled you are, the easier it is to make things happen!

Bottom line: Have an open mind! Create space in your life for things to happen. One of the my key struggles for a long time was that I was involved in too many different projects. I ended up not having enough white space for grabbing those ideas, for inviting them in! This is also closely related to one of my previous videos, in which I was talking about the power of Focus!

Create that space for new things to come into your life! Do you best in raising your awareness level!

What was the last book you had for a while but just recently read it, at the “perfect” time?