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And yes, I did take them out for a walk. And yes, I did roll my pants cuff. No, this wasn’t just so that I can brag about my awesome avocado socks.

I want to talk to you about the World Down Syndrome Day, why people are wearing funny or unpaired socks on this day and some thoughts I had regarding work, business, life.

Let’s start with the very beginning – my unpaired socks :D.
Unpaired socks became the symbol for the Down syndrome during a campaign begun by an organisation called Down Syndrome International – the aim? Encouraging people to start conversations about diversity, inclusion, uniqueness, acceptance!

But why socks?  What’s the connection with the Down Syndrome?

Well, chromosomes in the human cells look like socks. Our DNA is found in our chromosomes – and almost every cell of our body has the 46 chromosomes specific to humans. In the case ofDown syndrome, there’s an extra chromosome present. Hence, an unpaired / mismatched sock.

This is more than just a symbol for the Chromosomes. By the way, 21st of march (the 3rd month) wasn’t randomly chosen! It comes from trisomy – the triplication of the 21st chromosome! 

A photo I took back in 2017 for a #WDSD campaign on my Facebook profile

For me, it also reminds us how something that small and apparently insignificant, can have such a major impact on somebody’s lives. And that just like how somebody might look at you like you’re a bit weird for wearing mismatched socks, they could look in a similar manner to somebody that has Down Syndrome!

Now, while I was walking around, sporting my mismatched socks, I was desperately trying to find other people wearing them as well. To my dismay, put of hundreds/thousands of people I’ve came across, I haven’t seen one other single person wearing mismatched socks. That’s when doubt started kicking in! 

  • Do they not care at all? 
  • Or do they not know? 
  • Is there really nobody else around me? 
  • Why am I doing this?
  • What’s the impact, if nobody even knows why I
  • m wearing the mismatched socks?
  • Maybe I should just stop. Go home. There’s nothing I can change, anyway!

That’s when I realized I had allowed myself to entertain too many negative thoughts about it.

So what if nobody sees me? If nobody else is doing it?
I know why I’m doing it. And I’ll keep doing it in the next years as well. Even if nobody is there to see it.


Because it’s the right thing to do! And because sooner or later, more people doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching, will lead to a critical mass that will create a ripple in society.

And then…
then it hit me! 

It’s the exact same thing… at work, in business, in our family life.
Am I always doing the right thing? Am I giving my best, even when nobody is watching? If yes, sooner or later, that critical point will approach and things will radically change at work, in my business or family. 

So, bottom line:

1. It’s World Down Syndrome Day today

The 21st of March. Save this date in your calendar and next year, join me in wearing mismatched socks – in order to raise awareness and support  people with Down syndrome!

2. Food for thought 

Are you giving your best and doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching you? If yes, how did this impact your life? If no, what’s stopping you?

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on this!